Commuting in Corona Times

Commuting in Corona Times

Illustrator Kera Till is the originator of this reimagined metro map. She takes the essence of a metro map and uses the new patterns of commuting within our homes, thanks to our collective isolation.

“I am so happy that my ‘Commuting in Corona Times’ map was shared so much all over the world on social media. I was trying to distract myself in quarantine and came up with this idea. I drew it quickly, posted it on Instagram, went to bed and the next morning it had already gone viral.”

Kera Till, Tokens & Icons, and Popcorn are contributing 6% of sales towards to the World Central Kitchen’s efforts to feed NYC. Big thanks to Chef Andres and to NYC’s Frontline workers for caring for those in need.

Tokens & Icons reached out to Kera because subway maps have been a big part of their DNA since 1991 when they became licensed to sell authentic 1953 NYC tokens crafted into functional everyday use (cuff links, pendants, key rings, etc). Tokens have joined Popcorn Custom Products as they are the first name in museum products.

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