Black Luggage Tag
Black Luggage Tag

Black Luggage Tag

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Easily identify your luggage and yourself as a true Museum Nerd! 

• Measures 3.5" x 2"
• Aluminum
• Made in the USA. In The CT River Valley.

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Popcorn Employee, "A quote from the Popcorn associate who had something to say about why they like it. What they do with it. When they use it..."

Thought provoking question about Museums/Art?

Here is where we put the copy about the above employees favorite art exhibit, or most recent one... best if it is thought provoking... but this is really just a space to blow people's mids who misunderstand what Museums are for and the experiences people have when visiting them. Like, the time that I literally felt like I was being sucked into an ancient hand-woven rug in the Cleveland Museum of art's tapestry room. Every step there was nother smaller pattern... and then the alarm was going off b/c I had somehow found myself up against the barriar wire. They now have a bench in front of that particular work of art so that no one else gets sucked in. Another idea is to share who you met at a museum... ideas are endless. This will be a big SEO pull. So consider it please.